About a month ago, I went to the Frieze Art Fair in NYC.  I felt cultured AF until I realized I was spending more time looking at the food than the art.  Sure, the art was great, but the food...

Some of NYC’s most popular food vendors brought their A-Game for this prestigious art show.  I had a mango, blackberry paleta, which is a Mexican popsicle made from real fresh fruit juice.

So fresh and satisfying, I had to make my own pops at home.  I didn't even know I had been paleta-less and basically deprived this whole time!  I made my own version, and kicked it up a notch!


Sweet and Spicy Fruit Pops

1 Pineapple cored and cut into pieces

4 oz blackberries

1 habanero pepper *if you do not like spice you can certainly omit the pepper for 100% fruit pops

  1. Slice the habanero pepper, removing the seeds
  2. In a food processor blend the fruit and pepper
  3. Pour the fruit puree into popsicle molds
  4. Inset popsicle sticks
  5. Freeze for hours, best if frozen overnight