I know, I know, making milk seems rather Amish.   I would probably be judging me too.  But I recently read this article and was surprised to find that there were several ingredients listed in my favorite almond milks that I can’t even pronounce.  Additionally there are claims that these store-bought almond milks contain less than 2% almonds! 

Whether that’s true or not (case is still out for ruling), it’s easy enough to make so I figured I’d give it a shot.  Turns out I loved the results and enjoyed making it any flavor I want.


Almond Milk

3 Cups Almonds

1 nut bag or 2 cheese cloths

Optional- Flavor the milk with cinnamon, vanilla bean, dates, etc.


  1. In a large bowl, cover the almonds with approximately 3 cups of water or enough water to cover the almonds by an inch
  2. Soak the almonds for 6 hours or overnight
  3. After soaking, strain the almonds.  You will need to use fresh water to blend otherwise it changes how you digest the almond milk
  4. Place the soaked and strained almonds in a blender and cover with fresh water (again approximately 3 cups)
  5. Blend until the almonds are completely ground and the liquid is white (resembling the color of almond milk)
  6. Hold the nut bag or double-layered cheese cloth over a large bowl or measuring cup
  7. Pour the almond mixture into the nut bag and the liquid will strain through.  Lightly squeeze it until all of the liquid is released.  You will be left with slightly damp meal in the nut bag.  Save this!  You can toast and dry out to make almond flour, add to smoothies, etc.