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The 7-Habits of Highly Effective Plant Eaters


The 7-Habits of Highly Effective Plant Eaters

I love hitting you guys with some nutrition knowledge and this month I wanted to bring you guys a plant-based perspective.  Talia Pollock is the creator of Party In My Plants (yep, best name ever), an online funhouse showing you how becoming happier and healthier doesn't have to totally suck. Through her witty blog posts, LOL cooking videos, and “real food in the real world” Instagram photos, Talia proves that it’s possible to take ginger shots, ditch dairy, massage kale and make mint chocolate chip banana ice cream without being a health nut hermit. She has made it her mission in life to help others take the HELL out of HELLthy eating.  Now can I get a HELL yeah?!

Hands down, one of the greatest things you can do to look and feel better is to eat more plants. But while it’s easy to run out and grab a salad, it takes some practice to get good at eating a balanced plant-based diet most of the time.

Below are some qualities that all successful plant-based eaters share. Follow these tips and you'll start feeling, looking and living your best life!


1. They stray from recipes.

Highly effective plant eaters don't follow recipes all the time. Why? Because when you eat mostly plants, you start to learn how you like your plants cooked (or uncooked if you like them raw).

Once you really learn how you like your fruits and veggies prepared —massaged kale, stuffed sweet potatoes, spiralized apples, boiled edamame, for example — and you learn how to whip up a delightful dressing or smoothie, making yourself a meal will be a breeze.

2. When they grocery shop, they spend most of their time in the produce aisle.

Since fresh produce has a shorter shelf life than canned beans and maca powder, a highly effective plant-eater makes short but frequent stops to pick up a bunch of kale, a single lemon, or a handful of avocados.

3. They're never too far from a blender.

Smoothies are a surefire staple in their diets. A green smoothie (or a green juice) to a highly effective plant eater is like a banana to a monkey.

4. They create meals by colors.

Plant-based eaters tend to paint their plates by color. The nutrients found in fruits and veggies can often be categorized by color, which makes it oh-so-easy to create a balanced meal just by looking at the colors on the plate.  You grow to instinctively know when their mostly green plate needs something orange or their very yellow plate needs some purple.

5. They're perfectly happy eating out of one big bowl.

Eating out of one big bowl (or “bowling” if you will) is plant-based-perfection. To create a plant-based bowl meal, think of adding the following:

  • Protein
  • Moisture
  • Texture
  • Fresh produce (veggies or fruits)
  • Fun flavor

For a breakfast bowl, a highly effective plant-eater might start with:

  • Quinoa (protein)
  • Almond milk (moisture)
  • Chopped walnuts (texture)
  • Blueberries and bananas (produce)
  • Cinnamon and agave (fun flavor)

For a dinner bowl, a highly effective plant-eater might start with:

  • A chopped up veggie burger (protein)
  • Tahini sauce (moisture)
  • Pumpkin seeds (texture)
  • Sweet potato
  • Kale and cherry tomatoes (produce)
  • Parsley, salt and pepper (fun flavor)

See how easy this is? Get this down and you'll be as effective as can be!

6. They get greens at every meal.

Just like a margarita feels off without a lime, or sushi feels off without seaweed, a meal for a highly effective plant-eater feels off without something green. Whether it’s a smoothie, a sandwich, or a side of steamed vegetables, they make sure there’s always a leafy green involved.

7. They plan ahead.

Whether it’s making sure their pantry is fully stocked on a regular basis, or it’s previewing a restaurant menu, or it’s packing snacks for their travels, highly effective plant-based eaters make sure they control their food circumstances, rather than letting circumstances control their food.

Feeling Inspired?

Want some super things you can do RIGHT NOW to immediately get your plant-party started? Grab her free ebook to find out!

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Ellary's Greens - Food with Integrity


Ellary's Greens - Food with Integrity

I first had the pleasure of meeting Leith Hill when she was a guest speaker at the Natural Gourmet Institute.   This NOLA native is bringing her culinary perspective to the streets of NYC.  In 2013 Leith opened Ellary’s Greens, which offers an array of healthy, gourmet organic foods.

In the restaurant, Leith warmly greets every member of her team, from the head chef to the deliveryman.  There isn't one person she doesn’t know by name.  As guests enter, she waves hello and catches up with regular customers, making sure that every guest is properly tended to.

However, don’t let her sweet southern accent, and bubbly personality fool you.  Leith is a busy and driven woman on a mission!  Her mission?  Serve quality sourced food, dedicated to nourishment.

I sat down with Letih to discuss how she’s accomplishing her mission and bringing foods with maximum health to the masses.

What is the concept behind Ellary’s Greens?

Just like the concept of Made Simple by Sarah, the concept of Ellaray’s Greens is that eating for optimal health can be simple!  Everything you eat should be nutrient dense, delicious and again, simple.  It’s about eating with integrity and connecting people to their food.  Everything we serve here is completely recognizable as a food. 

Tell us a little bit about your background?

I'm from New Orleans, which is the land of butter, booze, beignets and béarnaise sauce.   But the nice thing about being from New Orleans is because we have Creole and Cajun influences in our food, and we’re surrounded on three sides by water, we have the opportunity to have amazing fish.  Many of our dishes are tomato-based and rice-based.  Growing up, we always had brown rice and wild rice.  I never had anything fried, and it’s something that made a huge difference in how I looked and felt. 

Who/what are your inspirations (in food and in life)?

My father was a health foods aficionado, very ahead of his time.  He was born in 1923.  When he was 12, he lost both of his grandfathers to heart attacks.  He vowed that he would never let anyone he loves die of a heart attack.  So at the young age of 12 he started looking into the link between diet and exercise, and heart health, which is pretty remarkable.  He educated himself and raised us eating nutritionally dense, whole foods.

What is your favorite menu on the item?

I love our salmon burger.  We use salmon from North America, sourced from a fully sustainable farm.   We filet everything in-house and our salmon burger is simply filled with salmon.  There is no binder, no filler - just salmon.  All too often, salmon is substituted in a salmon bugger with fillers like rice, breadcrumbs, bread, you name it, to bulk up the burger.  Our burger is completely gluten free and starch free.  You don't have to compromise on taste and still have nutrient density.

What is the most popular menu on the item?

There are four: the bacon mac and cheese, chickpea fries, roasted chicken, and chocolate mousse.  The bacon mac and cheese is made with gluten free pasta and organic cheese.  Our chocolate mousse is completely vegan, organic, gluten and dairy free, and raw.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

I love to make sautéed okra and tomatoes.  I also love making eggs- fried eggs, scrambled eggs, frittatas.  Ellary’s has amazing house smoked deviled eggs. 

Ellary’s highlights all organic ingredients.  What is your favorite ingredient right now?

Coconut.  We use all parts: milk, water, sugar, flour, and amino acids.

What is a staple in your kitchen at home?

Coconut oil.  Whether sweet or savory I cook everything with coconut oil!