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4 Essential Holiday Travel Tips


4 Essential Holiday Travel Tips

Vacation is a time to relax and rejuvenate but it can prompt a bit of anxiety.  Whenever we stray from our regular routines, this unknown can be unsettling.  If like me, you are accustomed to a daily workout class and regularly accessible healthy meals vacation can test our nutritional instincts. 

What do you mean Costa Rica doesn’t have soul cycle??  Will there be kale??  Take a deep breath and know that with these simple steps, you can enjoy your vacation, without your nutritional habits taking a vacation as well! 

1.    Plan Ahead- Planning is the key to your success!  I can’t emphasize this enough.  In fact, I’m giving you five tips, because I’m super nice, but this first step would be entirely sufficient on its own.
Here are ways that I like to plan ahead:

·      Bring a Meal- Airport and airplane food is gross.  Yes, I’m making a generalization and if you’re sitting in first-class eating a gluten-free, organic meal, than good for you, but I promise you are in the minority!  I like to bring a meal to the airport (breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on flight time) so I don’t have to eat processed food with excess sugar, fat, etc. 

·      Bring Snacks- I also like to bring packaged foods with me when I travel.  The RIGHT packaged foods, like Larabars or dried fruit and nuts are perfect for on-the-go.  Asalways, watch the sugar and look for snacks with protein and fiber that will keep you fuller longer.  Having these snacks on hand will help you make smart healthy choices, rather than eating things you wouldn’t normally eat at home.  Whether you’re at the airport, or touring a new city, being prepared with healthy snack options is a great tool.

·      Research Restaurants- Most restaurants these days have at least a couple of healthy options, and any tropical destinations will most likely feature fish on the menu, which is a great healthy meal.  However, looking at the menus online ahead of time will ensure that you’re never in a bind.  There are also apps that work domestically, such as AroundMe, that can help locate healthy restaurants in the area. 

2.    Drink Water- Staying hydrated not only curbs jet lag, and prevents your skin from drying on the airplane but it also curbs cravings.  As I mentioned in my tips for weight loss we often confuse hunger with thirst.  Especially on vacation when you’re probably having one more cocktail or some fun in the sun, we are more likely to dehydrate. 

3.    One and Done Rule- You’re on vacation and you want to indulge, I get it! It’s more than ok to indulge, in fact, I encourage it.  Especially on a trip, you don’t want to feel like you’re missing out.  And you definitely don’t want to travel all this way and not enjoy the local food.  That being said, it’s ok to indulge, but not at every meal.  Like anything else, enjoy in moderation.  I call it the one and done rule because I indulge on no more than one thing a day and then call it quits.

4.    Exercise- Don’t let your workouts go on vacation too.  Sure, there may not be a FlyWheel or SLT but I promise you’ll survive, and so will your workout.  If you’re touring a city, walking and seeing the sights is a great way to get exercise.  I also love this hotel room workout from  No equipment, no problem!