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Fall Back into a Healthy Routine

I wanted to crowdsource some questions that you guys had in order to create my September newsletter.  I always love hearing from you and it's so helpful to hear what you guys want to know.  Thank you to everyone who contributed!

One of the great (and timely) questions I received was "how do I get back into a routine for fall?" I don't think it's just me when I say that it's REALLY hard to keep up a consistent routine in the summer.  Summer is so great because we go on vacation, do share-houses for a weekend, sip...maybe gulp...rose, you name it.  But all of these things make it really challenging to stick to a routine.

So you fell of the healthy bandwagon a little?  No big deal!  
A) that's normal
B) congrats, that means you enjoyed your summer!  

So how do you get back into your routine now that, alas, summer days are driftin' away?  Here are some tips to get you feeling like your pre-summer self in no time!

  • Set Goals- The first step in getting into a routine is to set goals.  What do you want this routine to help you accomplish?  Having this defined will help keep you motivated and also help you track your progress.
  • Detox- No, not a crazy juice cleanse or some liquid diet!  Just give your diet a rest from the booze or sugar or anything you feel may have been in overload this summer.  I like to start a round of whole30 in the fall or do a dry month.  You can also do the Made Simple meal plan full of recipes! 
  • Try a Fitness Challenge- Want to hit the reset on your fitness?  Try a challenge.  It's a great resource to keep you motivated and committed.  PopSugar, Kayla Itsines, Nike Training Club, and more have great programs, varying in time, that you can challenge yourself with.  Many boutique studios also have offers for X amount of classes per month.
  • Find a friend- Find someone with similar goals and work together!  You don't have to get back into the healthy swing of things alone.  Ask around and see if someone wants to join you in eating clean or signing up for a workout class.

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