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4 Tips to Lose Weight Without Ever Changing Your Diet or Exercise

No this isn’t a gimmick.  I’m not selling some rapid weight loss pill…news flash, those don’t exist! 

But before you get discouraged, I DO have some simple practices that will help you lose weight, without ever changing your eating or exercise habits.


Turn off Technology- Try and implement a “no screen-time before bed” rule in your house.  30 minutes (ok fine, 15 if you just HAVE to see who gets the Bachelor’s final rose) before bed, turn off the technology in your bedroom.  Put your phone away, turn off the TV, even cover the clock with a towel or t-shirt.  There is a ton of scientific data showing that technology, and LED brightness promotes wakefulness. 

How will this help you lose weight?  Well, lack of sleep can lead to increased hunger and cravings.  A little extra shut-eye goes a long weigh (get it?).


Change your Attitude- Lose weight just by thinking differently?  Ok, maybe there’s a little more to it than that, but so much of our diet, attitude, and in effect, results, are all mental.  Eating clean is not always easy.  Instead of harping on all the things you CAN’T eat, focus on what you CAN. 

Lose that feeling of deprivation and you will gain a whole new appreciation for eating clean.


Add Water- Up your H20 intake.  Try and drink at least half of your body weight in fl. oz. throughout the day.  We often confused hunger cravings, with thirst due to dehydration.  Before reaching for a snack have a glass of water first.

 If you have trouble drinking so much water, try flavoring it with fresh fruit, or drinking unsweetened tea (iced or hot).


Focus on Small Goals- If you’re gauging success, only by the number on a scale, you’re going to get discouraged very quickly.  Our body weight fluctuate sso easily.  An extra glass of water or an awesome workout that increases lean muscle mass, can add numbers on the scale.  Nothing will sabotage your efforts more quickly than unrealistic expectations.

 Give yourself credit for the baby steps (that might even seem giant at the time).  Set small goals, like ordering a salad, instead of a sandwich.  Or even smaller tweaks, like ordering a salad but ditching the cheese.  Jot these down as the day goes on and you’ll feel like a superstar when all these mini accomplishments add up!