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Ellary's Greens - Food with Integrity


Ellary's Greens - Food with Integrity

I first had the pleasure of meeting Leith Hill when she was a guest speaker at the Natural Gourmet Institute.   This NOLA native is bringing her culinary perspective to the streets of NYC.  In 2013 Leith opened Ellary’s Greens, which offers an array of healthy, gourmet organic foods.

In the restaurant, Leith warmly greets every member of her team, from the head chef to the deliveryman.  There isn't one person she doesn’t know by name.  As guests enter, she waves hello and catches up with regular customers, making sure that every guest is properly tended to.

However, don’t let her sweet southern accent, and bubbly personality fool you.  Leith is a busy and driven woman on a mission!  Her mission?  Serve quality sourced food, dedicated to nourishment.

I sat down with Letih to discuss how she’s accomplishing her mission and bringing foods with maximum health to the masses.

What is the concept behind Ellary’s Greens?

Just like the concept of Made Simple by Sarah, the concept of Ellaray’s Greens is that eating for optimal health can be simple!  Everything you eat should be nutrient dense, delicious and again, simple.  It’s about eating with integrity and connecting people to their food.  Everything we serve here is completely recognizable as a food. 

Tell us a little bit about your background?

I'm from New Orleans, which is the land of butter, booze, beignets and béarnaise sauce.   But the nice thing about being from New Orleans is because we have Creole and Cajun influences in our food, and we’re surrounded on three sides by water, we have the opportunity to have amazing fish.  Many of our dishes are tomato-based and rice-based.  Growing up, we always had brown rice and wild rice.  I never had anything fried, and it’s something that made a huge difference in how I looked and felt. 

Who/what are your inspirations (in food and in life)?

My father was a health foods aficionado, very ahead of his time.  He was born in 1923.  When he was 12, he lost both of his grandfathers to heart attacks.  He vowed that he would never let anyone he loves die of a heart attack.  So at the young age of 12 he started looking into the link between diet and exercise, and heart health, which is pretty remarkable.  He educated himself and raised us eating nutritionally dense, whole foods.

What is your favorite menu on the item?

I love our salmon burger.  We use salmon from North America, sourced from a fully sustainable farm.   We filet everything in-house and our salmon burger is simply filled with salmon.  There is no binder, no filler - just salmon.  All too often, salmon is substituted in a salmon bugger with fillers like rice, breadcrumbs, bread, you name it, to bulk up the burger.  Our burger is completely gluten free and starch free.  You don't have to compromise on taste and still have nutrient density.

What is the most popular menu on the item?

There are four: the bacon mac and cheese, chickpea fries, roasted chicken, and chocolate mousse.  The bacon mac and cheese is made with gluten free pasta and organic cheese.  Our chocolate mousse is completely vegan, organic, gluten and dairy free, and raw.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

I love to make sautéed okra and tomatoes.  I also love making eggs- fried eggs, scrambled eggs, frittatas.  Ellary’s has amazing house smoked deviled eggs. 

Ellary’s highlights all organic ingredients.  What is your favorite ingredient right now?

Coconut.  We use all parts: milk, water, sugar, flour, and amino acids.

What is a staple in your kitchen at home?

Coconut oil.  Whether sweet or savory I cook everything with coconut oil!


by Chloe- 100% Vegan, 100% Delicious


by Chloe- 100% Vegan, 100% Delicious

If you haven't already, make a date to check out by Chloe.  Having only opened a few weeks ago, there are consistently lines out the door for lunch and dinner!  This new West Village staple is truly unique.  By Chloe is a fast-casual concept offering a plant-based, vegan menu- serving real food that does not sacrifice any flavor or satisfaction.  And for all you vegan skeptics, fear not.  This not your granola-crunchy, hippy dippy, kind of restaurant.  The menu features popular items such as a Guacamole Burger and Pesto Meatballs.

Chef Chloe Coscarelli is the brains and talent behind by Chloe.  A lifelong vegetarian, and vegan for ten years, Chloe is an award-winning chef and best-selling cookbook author.  Chloe first earned national attention after winning Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, as the first vegan chef to win a culinary competition on national TV!

I sat down with Chef Chloe to talk about her new restaurant, favorite foods, diet, and more!

How did you find your passion for food & cooking?  Being in the kitchen with my mom growing up!

Walk us through “a day in the life.”  What does your daily routine and diet consist of?  Most days now it consists of being at by Chloe - in the kitchen, interacting with customers.  When I can, I try to make it to a yoga class or just go for a long walk.  Luckily being at by Chloe, I’m never at a loss for delicious food!

What are you favorite foods? Vegan Mac & Cheese and cupcakes

What are the most popular items at by Chloe?  Avocado Toast & our Guac Burger

What’s your favorite item on the menu?  Our collection of homemade ice creams- they are made from almond milk, coconut milk, and agave!

By Chloe highlights locally sourced ingredients, what is your favorite ingredient right now?  Local sweet corn!! I like it grilled, in soup, salad, or even ice cream!

What made you decide to become a Vegan?  I was a vegetarian at a very young age and have been an animal lover my whole life.  Once I made the connection between animals and food, I went vegan and never looked back.

What tips would you give someone trying to be a vegan or vegetarian? Don’t get caught up in the labels and don’t overthink it.  Take it one day, or one meal, at a time and go from there.

What tips do you have for making things healthy without sacrificing flavor?  Fresh herbs and lots of avocado is the key to making anything rich and flavorful!

What’s a staple in your kitchen at home?  Fresh coconuts- have to hydrate!

Can you weigh in on the two opposing schools of nutrition- low carb vs. low fat?  Not a fan of low carb at all.  Not a fan of low fat either…hello avocado and cashews!  I like to go low meat and low dairy- viola!  You can eat everything delicious in that diet.