Vacation is a time to enjoy, relax and explore while escaping the stresses of everyday life.  But any time we're removed from our routine, it can be difficult to stay on the healthy track.

After all, one of the most popular ways to experience a new place or culture is through the food.  Not to mention, that there may not be access to the regular gyms or fitness studios to which we've grown accustomed.  But don't fret.  You CAN enjoy your vacation, experience the culture and the food and the time away from the gym, while still avoiding to stray too far from your routine.  Check out these simple tips below.

  • Stay Active- the best mode of transportation you have is your feet! Get in lots of steps and low intensity cardio by walking around to explore.  Also check out my "anytime, anywhere" workout which requires no equipment and can easily be done in your hotel room. 
  • Eat Well- I never want you to deprive yourself, and certainly not on vacation, which should be the most enjoyable tie!  That being said, moderation is key!  Think of your calories like an allowance. Save some calories (the way you would money) for the special treats.
  • Prepare- Included in my packing list, in addition to clothing and toiletries, is always a few non-perishable, healthy snacks that can travel with me.  On my recent trip to Machu Picchu I brought RX bars, rice cakes, and Justin's almond butter packets.  For example, I carried a bar with me in my purse so if I was hungry and couldn't find a healthy snack nearby, I had an easy, healthy option on-hand.