The struggle is real!  It can be extremely difficult to maintain your normal eating habits when you're out with friends.  As a society we've been trained to want to fit in.  Especially for girls and women, we do not want to draw "negative" attention to ourselves by being different than anyone else.  Additionally, the restaurant of choice is usually something like Mexican or sushi and the expectation is that you guys will share apps, entrees etc.  Sharing is caring after all.

But what happens when you're sharing with people that don't share your same desire to eat healthy or your specific dietary restrictions?  Story of my life!  I love eating healthy and due to allergies I have to avoid gluten and dairy but I can't impose this on the whole group!  They don't have allergies and if they don't feel bloated after a giant taco with refried beans than more power to ya!

So what do I do to still enjoy my meal, stick to my eating habits, and not be "that person" at the table?

  1. Be confident in your eating habits and the reasons you have implemented them in your every day life.  I can't even tell you how much easier my life is now that I stopped putting up this facade and embraced the fact that I love healthy food and I'm not afraid to say it!  
  2. Be vocal.  Throw out options of things you like and would want to share.  Maybe not all of them are chosen but certainly you'll get a few things you want and that can make up the majority of your meal
  3. Order veggies!  Get a veggie side dish that you can fill up on while taking small samples of the more indulgent options
  4. Taste everything or indulge in one thing.  This might sound confusing at first but it's really simple.  If you want to enjoy some of the unhealthier options there are two routes I suggest you take.  You can taste everything (literally one taste, one bite).  A small bite won't break the bank and you'll get to experience everything.  If a taste just won't cut it or portion control is tough for you, choose one thing and indulge in that.  To give you an example, let's say you're out for Mexican food with friends.  Everyone is having margaritas, chips and guac, fajitas, etc.  You have two options.  Option A (the taste everything plan): Have few sips of a margarita, only a couple of chips with guac and a bite of a fajita (with the tortilla) while eating mostly just the chicken and veggies.  Option B (the indulge in one thing only plan): Pick your favorite, what you feel is the most worth it, and you really want in that moment.  Pass on the drink and chips and indulge in a full fajita, tortilla and all.