My goal is always to listen and understand what my clients need, what they're craving if you will. What I've seen and heard the most demand for is a low-cost, easy, way to eat a clean and well balanced diet.  

People don't always have the time or funds to dedicate to long-term programs and that's ok!  No one should miss out on a clean and healthy lifestyle simply because they live in an expensive city and can't afford regular sessions with a nutritionist.  No way!

So I've come up with weekly meal plans made simple!  

This no-muss, no-fuss meal plan takes any questions or confusions out of eating well.  You can stop thinking so hard and enjoy your food!  I'll lay out exactly what to eat and when - ensuring you are eating a well-balanced diet at all times.  Each meal plan will include recipes as well as guidelines for dining out, or on-the-go.  

*All meal plans are designed to be gluten free and dairy free.  For those with nut allergies, nut butters or nuts are only used as toppings so this meal plan also be adjusted to be entirely nut free as well*

Purchase your one-week, clean eating meal plan - $30

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