I'm so excited to announce this!! I'll be hosting a 3-Day Detox program, and it's completely FREE!  So what's the catch?  There's no catch, I promise!  It's free because I know money is tight, especially after the holidays, and I really just want to help you eat clean and rid your body of toxins.  

It's now mid-January and many of us set out with the best intentions for 2016.  We want to eat cleaner and be healthier versions of ourselves.  But two weeks in and turning down dessert or another cocktail is harder than you imagined.  Maybe a little guidance will help!

During this 3-Day program I will provide a full meal-plan, grocery list, and unlimited support.  We will be in this together and I will hold you accountable every step of the way.  The detox is focused on crowding out processed foods and sugar for more nutritious alternatives (this REAL food like fruits and vegetables).

To sign up simply fill out the form below!  Definitely be sure to include your detox goals so I can tailor the program accordingly - I want this to be as effective as possible for YOU.  


1/24: Grocery lists sent including all necessary items for detox meal-plan

1/25-1/27: 3-Day Detox with Unlimited Support


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