Have you repeatedly tried to lose weight, unsure of what calories to cut and how to portion things?  Or maybe you’re eating well but consistently getting mysterious stomachaches or bloating.  Believe it or not, in just 30 days, these common frustrations can be fixed!

Starting October 1st, fellow health coach, Carley, and I will be leading a transformative 30-day group-coaching circle to shift your attitude and relationship with food.  This 30-day program is modeled off of the Whole30 Challenge.  As a group we will eliminate foods that are the most common causes of weight gain and digestive issues. 

Committing to this program will provide you with the proper tools, guidelines, motivation and support to encourage your success.  Along the way, you’ll align yourself with food that fuel you, and crowd out the ones that don’t.   Yes, you’ll lose weight, but it’s about so much more than that.

You will feel amazing, energized and motivated by your success, and the success of fellow participants.  If you’d like to stop counting calories, forget about portions and still become the best and healthiest version of yourself, this is for you Are you in?

For only $95 you will be lead in 5 group coaching sessions throughout the month.  Join with a friend and you can each join for $70.  Don't miss out on this life changing opportunity!