For those of you who work in an office setting, myself included, nutrition can be hard to manage.  There are a variety of factors that make healthy eating a challenge.  Today I’ll tackle two of the most common issues in the office: eating a well-balanced meal & snacking!

If you have a kitchen and/or storage space in your office this can be a blessing or a curse.  Unlike in the comfort of your own kitchen, most likely you are not selecting the office food supply.  Whereas at home you can more easily avoid temptation by simply not keeping it in the kitchen, at the office, such temptations may be staring you right in the face.  On the other hand, you can use this space to keep all of your “cooking” essentials to create a delicious and nutritious meal!

In what I like to refer to as Top Chef, Office Edition, I bring in my own groceries for breakfast and lunch to whip up quick, easy and healthy meals!  Not only is this is a huge money saver but its also healthier than any takeout options.  Great breakfast ideas include oatmeal topped with berries and nut butter or chia seed pudding.  As for lunch, I stock up on lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.  Basically, anything you like for lunch (salad, sandwich, etc.).  I prefer to put the meal together at work, to avoid soggy lettuce and schlepping Tupperware everywhere.    

Now that you’ve become a Top Chef Master in the office, let’s take a look at snacking.  Many people are victims of eating mindlessly at their computer, completely unaware of how many calories they’re consuming.  My advice is to PORTION YOUR SNACKS.  Instead of bringing an entire bag (of anything) over to your desk, take out a single portion.  This will ensure that you are not mindlessly eating more than you intended.  Another key is to balance your snacks.  What do I mean by this?  Include a protein in your snack to keep you fuller, longer.  Some healthy snack options include carrots and hummus, celery and almond butter, fruit and nuts, etc.

We spend a majority of our time in the office (working 9-5? –Hah I wish!) so it is imperative that we maintain our healthy habits!  There are definitely challenges when it comes to navigating nutrition in the office but it’s no excuse to eat poorly.