Have you repeatedly started each New Year with a resolution, only to fall back into old habits by mid January?   Maybe you want to lose weight in 2016, or maybe just eat healthier, after a slew of holiday parties with cookies and cocktails.  Perhaps you want to spend less money, or reduce stress at work.  You’re not alone! 

But for all good intentions, only a tiny fraction of people actually stick with their New Year’s resolutions.  In fact, most people’s New Years resolutions are obsolete in a matter of days!

If you are looking to make a fresh start in the New Year and actually stick with it, I have the tools for you!  Starting January 10 (right about the time that people’s resolutions fall by the wayside) I will be conducting a month-long coaching group, to get 2016 off to the right start! Whether you’re looking to shed pounds, get in shape, improve sleep, you name it, we will work together as a group to help one another succeed.

Joining this program will provide you with the proper tools, motivation, and support to encourage your success.  Each week as you progress with your resolution, you will feel amazing, energized and motivated by your success, and the success of fellow participants.

If you are committed to making 2016 your best year yet, this is the group for you.   For just $125 you will be lead in 4 group-coaching sessions throughout the month.  Join with a friend and you can each join for $100!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  Are you in?