With the holidays right around the corner, our calendars are consumed with holiday parties.  Before you let the cocktails flow it may be time to rethink your drink!

Liquid calories, such as alcohol, come in undetected by the body but can have enormous repercussions on our diets.  Simply put, our bodies do not recognize liquid calories as food.  Alcoholic beverages are ‘empty calories’ because they supply calories but no nutrients.

When people eat calories in the form of solid food, they become full and naturally compensate by reducing the rest of their food intake.  However, when people ingest liquid calories, they don’t eat any less. This is because liquid calories do not affect our satiety.  You will not eat less, or feel “full” if you are consuming a caloric beverage, the way you would if you were eating actual food.

Now, before you go ahead and call me a party pooper and cancel all of your holiday party appearances, I have some suggestions!  Here is a list of alcoholic beverages that all net out at 100 calories or less!


  • Mojito- Mojitos are still fair game if you remove or even reduce the simple syrup (sugar) by half.  Mint, lime, and club soda are all naturally low in calories and a shot of rum is ~100 calories.
  • Vodka Soda- Vodka averages 96 calories per 1.5 oz.  Soda water, is of course, no calroies. 
  • Tequila Soda- Craving a margarita?  Most margarita mixes are high in calorie, preservatives and sugar.  Instead opt for a shot of tequila, topped with club soda and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.
  • Champagne- Bring on the bubbly!  Not only is it festive, but a glass of champagne is approximately 85 calories.  Cheers!
  • Wine- A small glass of wine typically only has between 75-80 calories, which is significantly less than traditional cocktails.  The less sweet the wine, the less natural sugar, so opt for a Pinot over a Riesling.
  • Bloody Mary- Don’t worry brunch, I didn’t forget about you!  This brunch staple won’t break the calorie bank.  Most bloody mary’s come in at ~90 calories.


Whatever drink you choose, my recommendation is to try drinking one glass of water for every cocktail or glass of wine.  If you stick to this, you’ll end up drinking half the calories you normally would and wake up feeling a lot better the next morning.  Win, win!