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How I Trained for the Marathon by Doing the Bare Minimum

I know what you're thinking.  Bullshit!  You were doing 18-20 miles, bare minimum my ass.  Right?  Here's the thing though.  Unlike most training schedules that demand 4-6 days of running per week, I only ran two.  Never a day more and never a day less.  

Confession: I really don't like running. So why did I sign up for the marathon?  Now that I will agree with you is totally insane.  However, it's always been a bucket list thing for me and especially in fitness, I love nothing more than a challenge.

That being said, running aside, I really LOVE working out.  And I know how lucky that I am to feel that way.  To wake up excited for the gym, a class, or that incredibly sore feeling when you can't sit down so much as you fall down because your legs are exhausted!  That's rare and something I was not willing to sacrifice.  I pledged to run the marathon if, and only if, I could do it while maintaining the workout schedule that I love.  I refused to sacrifice strength classes, cardio classes, spin classes, you name it.  

And in fact (while any runner would disagree with me), I think it really helped.  Keeping the running to a minimum and focusing on what I did love, made it easier mentally for me to persevere through the tough miles.  Physically, it was also easier because I wasn't neglecting strength training like so many people do when they're running constantly.

With the marathon less than a month away...holy shit!...I know it will be tough and EXTREMELY challenging, but I wouldn't have done it any other way! 

Check out my full training plan below:

Week 1- 5 miles, 8 miles
Week 2- 5 miles, 10 miles
Week 3- 5 miles, 10 miles
Week 4- 6 miles, 12 miles
Week 5- 5 miles, 10 miles
Week 6- 5 miles, 12 miles
Week 7- 6 miles, 14 miles
Week 8- 5 miles, 16 miles
Week 9- 6-8 miles, 14 miles
Week 10- 5 miles, 16 miles
Week 11- 6-8 miles, 18 miles
Week 12- 5 miles, 20 miles
Week 13- 5 miles, 14-16 miles
Week 14- 8 miles, 18 miles
Week 15- 6-8 miles, Half Marathon (Sign up for a race so you can practice race day)
Week 16- 5 miles, 20 miles
Week 17- 5 miles, 14-16 miles
Week 18- 5 miles, 10-12 miles
Week 19- 5 miles, Maratho