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Wellness Delivered in your Space, on your Time


Wellness Delivered in your Space, on your Time

Looking for a unique and special holiday gift this season?  Look no further than Namaste NY, an at-home wellness concierge service. 

I chatted with Namaste’s co-founder, Julie Wald.  Julie and her husband, Michael, started Namaste because they saw firsthand how holistically healing our minds and bodies could affect every other aspect of our lives.  Powerful stuff, huh? 

Namaste is focused on giving clients access to the best practioners in the world, who bring energy, wisdom, and expertise to their field.  You’ll notice reduced stress, improved performance, and strengthened relationships.

What is the concept behind Namste NY?

Namste is a wellness concierge.  Curated wellness delivered in your space and on your time.  Take care of our clients by sending them the best teachers and practioners in the world, to help them optimize health, happiness, ease and performance.

What is your favorite holiday recipe?

Paleo Apple Crisp from Elana’s Pantry


What is your favorite gift to give and receive?

Namaste massage at home + tea + chocolate

Holidays are a huge time to travel.  How do you recommend people stay balanced and energized on the road or in the air?

Drink tons of water, meditate 10 minutes in the morning, stick to your exercise routine as much as possible.  For mind and body, get massages as often as possible, no more than 2 glasses of wine/night, not too much sugar, and plenty of sleep! 

Name something about you that might surprise people?

I fell in a toilet on a train in India.  

What is your favorite food?

I could live on dark chocolate, sweet potatoes, sautéed greens and garlic and tea.  

Can you tell us about your Namaste New York Foundation?

The Namaste NY Foundations was born when Namaste was born, as an integral part of our vision of Namaste. We serve 3 populations - private clients; corporate/executive clients; not-for profit clients. We deliver yoga to a school in Harlem called The East Harlem School.  Three classes weekly, free of charge to the parents, faculty and children in that community. We also collaborate with New York Presbyterian Hospital, bringing massage therapy into waiting rooms, fundraising, and more. As the "for-profit" side of our wellness business grows, we will be able to deliver our services to communities with more limited access to the tools that can be so essential in managing stress, health and well being.