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This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the WELL Summit.  Nothing makes me happier and feel more alive, than being surrounded by like-minded individuals. We can learn so much from our peers and I wanted to share some truly inspiring and motivating quotes from this weekend.  Whether you apply these to your workouts, your business, or your everyday life, we can all improve ourselves by putting these into action!

"Don't be afraid to cultivate individuality through community"

"Life is tough, but you are tougher!"

"Stop comparing yourself to others.  Comparison is the thief of joy."

"Turn your struggle into your story"

"The one thing that separates all of us is action - Do Something!"

"If there's something in your life that's not serving you, let it go!"

"Vulnerability is a really beautiful thing"

"Failure doesn't exist.  It's immeasurable and only in the eye of the beholder"

"Do not talk yourself out of self exploration"

"Look inwards for the benchmark of your own success.  Stop looking outside and comparing yourself to others"

"Welcome fear and embrace it!"

"Fear is an indicator that you care so much about something it scares you.  Fear is precisely when you have to explore it head on"

"If you're waiting for fear to subside, you will never take leaps"

"Acknowledge that you had a hand in your success as much as you acknowledge that you had a hand in your failures"

"Honor that your path is different"

"Live passionately, beautifully, and thoughtfully everyday"

"Step into the power that you already possess.  No one has to give you permission but you"

"Social media is not the end goal, it's just a medium"

"You have to be your first cheerleader"

"Show up for yourself."