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Get the Facts...The Recovery Facts

Fueling properly after a workout has become my new obsession.  Truthfully, I just never knew how important and beneficial it was.  For all those workouts I did, I feel like I wasn’t maximizing my full potential, by ignoring the necessary re-fuel and recovery immediately following. 

Well, I’m here to remedy that situation and share the facts with all of you!  I recently posted about the three keys to Sports Nutrition: Hydration, Pre-Workout Fuel and Post-Workout Fuel.  Despite knowing all of this, I have admittedly been having trouble refueling with the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates in that very fast 30-minute window, my how it flies by!

30-minutes is not a lot of time so I needed something on-the-go.  Additionally, for such a substantial amount of protein, it is hard to find a recovery snack that is low enough in calories that it won’t undo your workout. 

I feel like I tried everything!  I tried dissolving protein powder in water and couldn’t stand the chalky taste.  Literally couldn’t swallow it.  Next I experimented with smoothies.  While I liked the smoothies, as the weather gets colder, it’s hard for me to tolerate an icy smoothie, especially on-the-go.  So where does that leave me?  Here are a couple of super-simple post-workout meals that I’ve been making ahead of time:


  • Protein Pancake- whisk together 3 egg whites, 1 scoop of protein powder, and ½ banana mashed.  Cook in a non stick pan for 3-4 minutes per side
  • Hard Boiled Eggs and Apple Slices- Eat 2 hardboiled eggs (I like to add salt and pepper to taste) and half a medium sized apple.  Recipe here for the perfect hardboiled eggs.

Not a fan of these snacks?  I know hardboiled eggs smell like farts, it took some getting used to for me too!  But below is a comprehensive guide for recommended protein and carbohydrate recovery.  I would love to hear your recovery snacks to add to my repertoire!  Share below and I’ll feature my favorites.