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Dumbbell and Kettlebell Workout


Dumbbell and Kettlebell Workout

So ClassPass raised their rates and now you have to say sayonara to those boutique workouts you love so much. If you recently joined a gym and have no idea what to do, I have you covered. 

Kelvin Gary, trainer and owner of Body Space Fitness, put together two full body workouts using standard gym equipment- a dumbbell and kettlebell.  You can also check out our “no-equipment-necessary” workout here

These workouts are designed to give you a great full-body burn, and with only 5 moves you’ll be in and out of the gym in no time.

Dumbbell Workout

 Single-Arm Squat Thrusts – Use your legs to assist the press.  Squeeze your glutes and core at the top of the move.  Complete 2 Sets, 15 reps reach side


Plank Rows - Keep your hips square and exhale as you row.  Complete 2 sets, 12 reps each side


Lateral Lunge Lift - Complete 2 sets, 10 reps each side


Weighted V-Ups - Complete 3 sets, 12 reps


Single Leg Dead Lift with Reach -  Add in a sight rotation by reaching across your body to bring the dumbbell towards the foot of your standing leg.  Complete 3 sets, 10 reps each side


Kettlebell Workout

 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings – Complete 2 sets, 15 reps each side


Weighted Russian Twists – Complete 2 sets, 12 reps each side

Kettlebell Tactical Lunge – It’s important here to pass the KB from side to side between the legs without switching hands in front.  Complete 2 sets, 10 reps each side


Kettlebell Split Stance Lift and Press – Complete 3 sets, 12 reps each side


Split Stance Kettlebell Row – Complete 2 sets, 12 reps each side



Run to the Beat

I do not consider myself a "runner."  Before you FREAK OUT and say, "but you're training for a half marathon AND full marathon, of course you're a runner!"  Let me explain.

Running does not come easily to me.  My form is all wrong, I don't particularly look forward to it and I'm happiest when my miles are over.  Can I make myself do it?  Yes.  I love working out and I'm disciplined so with a good training schedule, sure I'll make it happen.  

That being said, with such lofty goals for a non-runner like me, I had to figure out how to make the experience more enjoyable.  My friend recommended Nike Run Club.  This has been instrumental in helping me train...and even start to enjoy it?!  I made friends/running buddies that I meet every week, many of whom are training for the same races as me.

I also put together an ever-growing running playlist.  I wanted to share with you guys so maybe it pushes you a little more in the gym, makes you go the extra mile, whatever!  Also selfishly, hoping you tell me your favorite songs that I'm missing so I can keep adding on!  

Without further ado...



The Anytime, Anywhere, Workout

I hear it all the time, excuses.  “I want to workout but a gym is too expensive,” “I’m travelling all the time and the hotel doesn’t have the equipment I need,” “I’m too tired,” you name it!  I don’t mean to sound harsh but these are just the things we tell ourselves when a workout is not a priority.  If you adjust your attitude and vow to workout and take care of your body, no matter what, you can fit in your fitness anywhere, anytime.

I partnered with celebrity trainer and owner of Body Space Fitness, Kelvin Gary, to create a workout that you can do no matter what- say buh-bye to those excuses!  There is no equipment required and you only need a small amount of floor space – perfect for a NYC apartment or small hotel room. 

Complete the below exercises for the designated number of reps.  Repeat 3-4x through, with a minute break in between rounds.


Curtsey to Forward Lunge

Repeat 12x per side (24 total)


Knee-Grab Sit Ups

Repeat 20x


Plank Dip and Leg Raise

Repeat 12x per side (24 total)


Plank to Sit-Out

Repeat 12x per side (24 total)



Get the Facts...The Recovery Facts

Fueling properly after a workout has become my new obsession.  Truthfully, I just never knew how important and beneficial it was.  For all those workouts I did, I feel like I wasn’t maximizing my full potential, by ignoring the necessary re-fuel and recovery immediately following. 

Well, I’m here to remedy that situation and share the facts with all of you!  I recently posted about the three keys to Sports Nutrition: Hydration, Pre-Workout Fuel and Post-Workout Fuel.  Despite knowing all of this, I have admittedly been having trouble refueling with the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates in that very fast 30-minute window, my how it flies by!

30-minutes is not a lot of time so I needed something on-the-go.  Additionally, for such a substantial amount of protein, it is hard to find a recovery snack that is low enough in calories that it won’t undo your workout. 

I feel like I tried everything!  I tried dissolving protein powder in water and couldn’t stand the chalky taste.  Literally couldn’t swallow it.  Next I experimented with smoothies.  While I liked the smoothies, as the weather gets colder, it’s hard for me to tolerate an icy smoothie, especially on-the-go.  So where does that leave me?  Here are a couple of super-simple post-workout meals that I’ve been making ahead of time:


  • Protein Pancake- whisk together 3 egg whites, 1 scoop of protein powder, and ½ banana mashed.  Cook in a non stick pan for 3-4 minutes per side
  • Hard Boiled Eggs and Apple Slices- Eat 2 hardboiled eggs (I like to add salt and pepper to taste) and half a medium sized apple.  Recipe here for the perfect hardboiled eggs.

Not a fan of these snacks?  I know hardboiled eggs smell like farts, it took some getting used to for me too!  But below is a comprehensive guide for recommended protein and carbohydrate recovery.  I would love to hear your recovery snacks to add to my repertoire!  Share below and I’ll feature my favorites.  




Sports Nutrition

“I workout so hard, why am I not seeing results??”  Sound familiar?  This sentiment is extremely frustrating and very common.

Your diet could be the missing link.  In order to maximize results in the gym, we must carefully select what we eat and WHEN we eat it.  The science of sports and food, also known as Sports Nutrition, is designed to enable the body to train longer and harder, delay fatigue, enhance performance, and promote recovery.

To fully understand sports nutrition I’ve broken it down into 3 categories: Hydration, Pre Workout Fuel, and Post Workout Recovery.


  • Hydration (before, during, and after workout)- Did you know water comprises about 70% of an athletes body?  Only 3% loss of water weight results in 10% loss in strength.  We need ample amounts of water to get the best workout possible.  Notice I said water!  Put down the neon yellow colored sports drink.  Most commercial sports drinks are high in artificial ingredients. 
  • o   Fluid Recommendations:
  • 2-3 hours pre-workout- 16-24 oz.
  • 15 minutes pre workout- 8-16 oz.
  • During workout- 8 oz. every 15 minutes
  • Immediately post workout- 16-24 oz.
  • Pre Workout Fuel- For an athlete, the pre-competition meal should be low in fat and fiber.  Protein and complex carbs are a good way to fuel 3-4 hours pre workout.  *Be wary of what type of protein you consume.  Many animal proteins are high in fat.
  • Post Workout Fuel- The main nutrition goals for the recovery phase is to replace fluids, carbohydrates and protein for muscle and tissue repair.  You have a 30-minute – 1 hour recovery window to maximize benefits and optimal recovery.  Don’t waste your workout!!  Make sure to rehydrate and have a snack with carbs and protein within that 30-minute – 1 hour window.
  • Myth Busters: People think when it comes to fitness, the more protein the better.  There are several issues with this theory. 
  • Protein helps repair muscles but does not FUEL muscles.  Carbohydrates fuel your muscles, and therefore you workout. 
  • Excessive protein intake can increase risk of dehydration.  This is not say cut out the protein, but make sure to compensate with increased amounts of water