Back in November, I wrote a review of my experience using the BBG guides and vowed to complete one year of BBG.  Here I am at the end of week 54- I can't believe it.  

I wanted to check in with all of you, because without my commitment to you guys, as readers, I can't confidently say that I would have stuck with a program for that long.  I've never stuck with any fitness regiment for that long...

And I'm SO happy I did!  There are three HUGE transformations I've noticed in myself as a result of doing Kayla's BBG Guides.

  1. Physical- In the past year I have really seen my body change in a way I didn't think was possible.  My stomach is flatter, my arms and legs leaner.

    What I found so motivating throughout this process were my before and after pictures.  Each week I religiously documented my progress- same outfit, same location, same lighting, same stance.  This was crucial!  If I was having a tough time, or being overly critical (guilty), no matter what, there was evidence in these pictures proving that my hard work was paying off! 

    I choose not to publish before and after pictures on Instagram because I don't like to encourage people comparing their body and their results to other people, when everyone is different.  I know I have become seriously discouraged when looking at some Kayla transformations prompting the question...why don't I look like that?

    Throughout this whole process, I've had to continue to remind myself that everyone's progress is different, as it should be...we're all different!
  2. Strength- I have gotten much stronger, there's no doubt about it.  I can do a freakin' plyo pushup for crying out loud!  Yep, you know where you go down into a pushup and then push your body off the ground so much that you an lift your hands?! Yes, I can do that now!  
    When this first showed up in the guides I literally said out loud, "you have got to be kidding me kayla! A plyo pushup...yeah right."  I even started checking YouTube and Instagram to see anyone post a video of them doing a plyo pushup in the kayla guides because I didn't believe it.  It seemed absolutely impossible at the time.  And now here I am at week 54 and I can do them!  I'm really proud of this if you can't tell :)
  3. Mental- One of the biggest transformations is not something I can physically see in a mirror.  It's mental.  I have never committed to any kind of program (diet, fitness, etc.) for this long.  Knowing that I can and that doing so makes a huge difference is a really powerful tool to add to your mental repertoire of encouraging thoughts.

    The guides are also great at keeping you on your toes!  They are designed perfectly.  They have just enough consistency where you can see an improvement in your strength and stamina but also enough variety where you're not getting bored of the same exact routine.

So there you have it.  One year down, and I'm not stopping any time soon!  I've migrated over to the app, which is awesome and keeps track of all your workouts.

Special shout out to my workout buddy and POC who is always "down to kayla."