I do not consider myself a "runner."  Before you FREAK OUT and say, "but you're training for a half marathon AND full marathon, of course you're a runner!"  Let me explain.

Running does not come easily to me.  My form is all wrong, I don't particularly look forward to it and I'm happiest when my miles are over.  Can I make myself do it?  Yes.  I love working out and I'm disciplined so with a good training schedule, sure I'll make it happen.  

That being said, with such lofty goals for a non-runner like me, I had to figure out how to make the experience more enjoyable.  My friend recommended Nike Run Club.  This has been instrumental in helping me train...and even start to enjoy it?!  I made friends/running buddies that I meet every week, many of whom are training for the same races as me.

I also put together an ever-growing running playlist.  I wanted to share with you guys so maybe it pushes you a little more in the gym, makes you go the extra mile, whatever!  Also selfishly, hoping you tell me your favorite songs that I'm missing so I can keep adding on!  

Without further ado...