SLT has a saying- ‘Better Sore than Sorry.’  This motto is what makes these classes so challenging and so worth it!  As difficult as it may be to get out of bed, or do one more pushup, once it’s all said and done, I never regret a workout.

Every Monday, no matter how tired or stressed I might feel prior to SLT, I am always in the best mood after, walking out of class with a smile.  “Surviving” elevator lunges or the dreaded holds leaves me energized and ready to take on whatever the week has in store.

This weekly ass-kicking is complements of SLT instructor, Amanda Jenny.  I sat down with Amanda (over green juices, of course), to dish about her favorite foods, favorite moves, and more.


 What made you want to be an instructor? I have a background in dance so I love all forms of movement; and I've always believed in cross training as a dancer. SLT combines my love of movement and music and gives me the ability to "choreograph" a new routine each week.  I had been a client at SLT for about two years prior to becoming an instructor.  I wanted an affordable way to take class as often as possible so I started working at the front desk. I enjoyed getting to know the clients and watching the instructors teach so I decided to do the training! 

 Outside of dance and fitness, what are some of your hobbies?  As a fitness instructor you have a lot of downtime.  I read a lot more in the winter, sitting at coffee shops in between classes.  My favorite author is Barbara Kingsolver.  She’s very intellectual and plant-based.  I’m more of a TV person though.  I like to go home, have a glass of wine, and watch TV.  I stick to comedies, like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Broad City.

What is your favorite move at SLT?   Oh boy. That's tough to pick just one! Currently my two favorite are "Teaser" (with a Push-up) and "Kneeling Lat Pull Down." Teaser is killer for the  obliques but your whole midline is engaged from inner thighs up into your abdominals and when you add the push up you sneak your arms in there too. And then nothing targets the back of my arms and my back like a good ole Lat Pull Down, plus the abs are helping to stabilize since you're on a pretty heavy spring load. 

 What does your workout routine look like?  It varies week to week. All of my friends are very fitness inclined and many are instructors themselves so sweating is also play time for me. I have at least 2 or 3 "sweat dates" a week. I probably take five to six SLT classes a week and like to drop into a yoga class here or there as well. There are so many classes/studios I still want to try but I tend to stick to my faves when it comes down to it. 

What does a typical day look like for you? Depends on the day, which is what I like about being an instructor.  For example, Mondays I teach 6:30 and 7:30 AM at SLT and then hop into Jill’s class at 8:30.  I love Jill’s class because she’s always doing new things on the machine and that woman means business! After class, I go get breakfast at Hu Kitchen and then contemplate going back to bed :) I live in Brooklyn by Prospect Park so this summer I've been doing a lot of walking around the park and laying out in the sun.

What are your favorite foods? It’s dangerous working in Flatiron because I basically live at Hu Kitchen. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner their kale Caesar salad with a salmon cake is my go to and their espresso chocolate muffins are one of my favorite guilty pleasures! Plus there's the crack coffee; it's an absolute essential after teaching at 6:30 in the morning.  

How would you describe your diet? I was a Vegan for eight years, a Raw Vegan for two years, and now I eat everything in moderation.  It's honestly been the best for me mentally, physically, and socially.  You can imagine it's a bit hard to convince a group of friends to come out to a raw vegan restaurant with me.  When I started eating meat again, everyone wanted to take me out for a burger, it was a little overwhelming.  But I've been finding that not having a label (vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, etc.) has been very freeing.