At first the thought of exercise can be daunting but I promise, you will thank yourself after for doing it!  If you don’t believe me, you must believe Elle Woods.  “Exercising gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.”  Oh the valuable lessons we can learn from Legally Blonde!

 Being that exercise is so important, how can we make it not only tolerable, but actually enjoyable?  You’ve heard the expression, there’s something for everyone.  Well, the same goes for exercise. 

Experiment!  Try different classes, instructors, exercises, etc.  The easiest way to enjoy working out is if you find something that doesn't feel like work.  There are so many boutique studios now with unique offerings and awesome music!  Understanding that new classes can be intimidating (I was convinced I walked into a coordinated music video the first time I tried Soul Cycle), bring a friend!

Finding a workout buddy is a surefire way to make workouts more fun and actually more effective!  Working out with a friend holds you accountable and committed.  It’s one thing to cancel plans with yourself but it’s another to cancel on you’re friend, when they’re counting on you. 

Studies show that you also push yourself harder when you workout with a friend.  You motivate each other to go beyond your comfort zone.  Whether you’re trying to impress them or not let them down, you will get a stronger workout in!  Just make sure that your athletic abilities are somewhat on par so you can both reap the rewards.

So if you’re DREADING working out and contemplating 100+ other things you can do instead, grab a friend, try a new workout and you may be pleasantly surprised!