I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but we can be our own worst enemies.  Negative, irrational and erroneous beliefs are all byproducts of our inner villain that undermines our real ability.  This applies to all areas of our life, but especially when it comes to exercise.

We are all victims of saying, “I can’t do this anymore” or “it’s too hard.”  Well guess what?  You can do it and it’s not too hard!  Fitness is 90% mental, yet we spend 100% of our time working only on the physical. 

To improve our exercise routines, we need to first improve our mental state.  Positive self-talk can single handedly transform our maximum gym potential.  Think about the physical and mental change that will occur if instead of saying “I hate doing this exercise,” and thus stopping, you begin to say “This exercise is challenging, but I can do it!”  Not only will you get more reps, time, etc. into the same fitness routine, but you will also feel super accomplished!

Let’s all shift to a more accurate and positive way of thinking.  No doubt we will see and feel the results!!