In the past I tried yoga but never connected with it.  Honestly, I just hated that I was so bad!  I had this false notion in my mind that yoga should be easy.  Compared to other forms of exercise I’d done, Yoga seemed mellow.  I assumed that because I didn’t sweat and I wasn’t out of breath, it was easy.  

Turns out, I had it all wrong.  Contrary to popular belief, Yoga is not about mastering a pose, or being the most flexible.  In fact, yoga has nothing to do with perfection, performance or competition.  Yoga is a practice. 

We often trap ourselves in the idea of perfection.  I used to dismiss yoga simply because I wasn’t the best at it.  Recently I had a yoga teacher start class with the following anecdote:  If you ask a room full of kindergarteners who can draw, they all proudly raise their hands.  However, if you ask a room of adults, there are no hands raised. 

So why did this resonate with me?  At some point as we grow up, we learn that if we’re not perfect, we’re not good enough.  Yoga reteaches us that there is beauty and power in the practice.

Turns out, I wasn’t “bad” at yoga, I was just practicing.  I enjoy yoga now, not because I’m the best but because it instills a feeling of accomplishment in me.  Yoga makes me feel stronger by challenging me in new ways and I can constantly improve.