Sarah Osman, CHC

My name is Sarah Osman. I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, a Natural Gourmet Chef, and the founder of Made Simple by Sarah.

The idea behind Made Simple by Sarah is this –nutrition doesn't have to be so complicated!  Nowadays, there is an overwhelming amount of contradictory nutrition information on the Internet, and an endless array of empty promises from fad diets. But if we can silence this noise and re-learn the innate ability to listen to our body and understand what it needs, we can all live healthier and happier lives.

For years I struggled with dieting, my weight fluctuating from being overweight to severely underweight and everywhere in between. Stuck in a cycle of mindless and emotional eating, I lost the ability to listen to what my body really needed. Instead I put my health in the hands of fad diets, chemical diet food, pills, you name it. I was hoping for a quick fix that didn’t actually exist. 

Years of yo-yo dieting and extreme exercising left me physically and emotionally DRAINED!  I couldn’t help but feel totally and utterly discouraged. How was I working so hard with such negligible results?? After feeling like I had exhausted all of my options, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began exercising efficiently and consistently eating whole foods (and I don't mean the grocery store). I immediately noticed a difference in the way I looked and more importantly, felt, thus fueling my passion for health, fitness and nutrition. In 2014, I decided to go back to school to become an Integrative Nutrition Coach so I could help others also find their most balanced, healthy and happy selves.

I’m not a Health Coach because I have discovered the “perfect” diet or fitness routine.  There is no perfect!! We often set ourselves up for failure by expecting unrealistic, photo-shopped results. I’m very much a work in progress and part of my journey has been learning to accept and embrace this process.

Now, I want to join and guide you along your journey to make lasting lifestyle changes. Whether you’re tired of working hard and not seeing results, or you just don't know where to begin, I’m here to share what I’ve learned and lived. Together, we’ll strengthen your knowledge about nutrition and find actionable ways to bring this to life. Whatever your goals are, you will achieve them if your plan is Made Simple.